Sisterly Shove

 by Malia Kline & Diane Stinson

When Mama is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and Papa has dementia, a humor writer and her physician sister engage in hand-to-heart combat in a 13-year battle to do what's best for the parents who have always been there for them.

Part 1: Saving Mama: A story of love keeping hope alive

As two sisters struggle to share eldercare from opposite coasts and opposing mindsets over 13 years, sisterly love changes to sisterly shove. Diane, a physician, proclaims Mama “a goner” when she is diagnosed with infiltrating pancreatic cancer in North Carolina, but then takes her against doctor’s orders to her home in California to hold on to the hope that she won’t really die.

Part 2: Saving Papa: A story of love outliving memory

Five years after Malia moves Papa into Alzheimer’s assisted living near her East Coast home, Diane quits practicing medicine and eldernaps him to doctor him herself 24/7 at her West Coast home. Will the sisters’ relationship be the biggest casualty in this story of love outliving memory? Or will the demon dementia that consumed Papa pull Diane and Malia apart at the most vulnerable stage of their lives?