Sisterly Shove

by Malia Kline & Diane Stinson

 A chronicle of love and loss, written over the course of 10 years by two sisters who have opposing mindsets and live on opposite coasts.


Growing up, Malia and Diane always loved each other despite their differences. Dark straight hair vs. curly, light hair. A pleaser vs. a protester. A wallflower vs. a Governor’s School standout. But the two sisters don’t understand how truly differently they view life, death and the caregiving in between until middle age when their beloved parents’ lives are whittled away by disease and dementia.

Malia Kline, the younger sister, is a copywriter who studied journalism at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, works in marketing and writes MaliaMania, a comedic grammar blog. She was also the scriptwriter on videos in the Duke Family Series. One of them, It’s Potty Time, was named “KidVid of the Year” by Roger Ebert and became available in nearly 700 libraries worldwide.  She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina  and is part of AlzAuthors, an international community of writers sharing their stories about Alzheimer’s and dementia.

For more info on AlzAuthors, visit their website.


Diane Stinson, M.D., the older sister, went to medical school in the days when health care was a fee-for-service world. She believes that if we don’t change our approaches to eldercare, clearly designed for a different society that no longer exists, we will pit one generation against the next and compromise our ability to be competitive in a global economy. She is a retired pathologist who lives in Manhattan Beach, California.
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